Chinese Steamed Egg

This is a very homey and healthy Cantonese dish.  With real simple ingredients but a few tricks, it's an absolutely low budget, healthy dish that goes well with steamed rice.  The texture is softer than tofu if you are successful.

All you need is a stove, a medium sized flat bowl, a pot with cover that is slightly bigger than the bowl, eggs, water, salt, soy sauce, with a sieve and saran wrap to be ideal.

Serve two to three.

3 eggs
Water (about 6 egg shells)
Vegetable Oil
Soy sauce
Spring onion or parsley as garnish (optional)

1) Beat the egg in a bowl, add a pinch of salt and a few drops of oil to the mixture.

2) Keep the shell and add double portion of water, i.e., 1 egg: 2 egg shells of water.

3) Clear the bubble over the egg mixture with a sieve or a spoon.

4) Pour the egg mixture into a flat bowl and cover with Saran wrap.

5) Put water in the pot and when it's boiling, put in the flat bowl to steam the egg mixture in medium heat for 10-15 minutes.

6) When done, unfold the Saran wrap.  Add garnish, parsley or chopped spring onion and add some soy sauce to serve.

*Extra Tips:
1) For better result, beat the egg first before adding water.

2) We found eggs from different country have different density.  You might need to add 0.5 or 1 extra portion of water if the mixture seems too thick.

3) Boiled cold water works better than tap water in this recipe.  That is, use water that had been boiled but cool down for use, instead of tap water.  The texture will be less ideal if you add in tap water.

4) Use saran wrap to cover the bowl of egg mixture before steaming.   If saran wrap is not available, cover the bowl with another plate to avoid steam and water dripping into the mixture, to ensure its smoothness.  Also make sure the pot is well covered, with enough hot water to avoid drying up, yet not too much to avoid overflowing into the egg mixture. 

5) With the same recipe, but by adding sugar and or milk (without salt, oil and soy sauce), this will become a Chinese dessert.

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